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Here is a list of CDs I've recorded as a sideman since 1992 on various instruments with musicians from the Midwest. Most are jazz recordings with a few other genres mixed in. CDs that are currently available are appropriately linked. My own CDs as a leader can be found in the MUSIC & CDS section.

Tom Marko Inner Light (2016)
Drummer, jazz educator, composer, and good friend Tom Marko's first recording as leader. This CD features all original compositions by Tom, and features Scott Wendholt on trumpet, Doug Stone on saxes, Harold Greene on guitar, Andy Crawford on bass, Manny Bedi on tablas, Mike Stryker on piano, and myself on piano, synth, and vibraphone. Order this CD.
Brazillionaires - Algo Diferente (2015)
This band's music is a fusion of jazz, Brazilian samba, and retro lounge fronted by vocalist Dove Benoit and guitarist Rico Johnson. I was invited to play piano/keyboards on the mysterious and beautiful "Blue October," composed by Tom Marko. Order this CD.
Joe Metzka Old Friends (2015)
Guitarist and vocalist Joe Metzka, formerly of Peoria and now of the St. Louis area, has established himself as a cross-over blues and jazz musician. This is a collection of jazz standards with Joe on guitar and vocals, Mikel Combs on bass, Tom Marko on drums, and myself on piano. For more info, visit Joe's website.
Joe Metzka Sunrise (2009)
This collection of jazz standards, pop tunes, and one original features Joe's jazz guitar and vocals along with Tim Brickner on bass, Jason Brannon on drums, and myself on piano. For more info, visit Joe's website.


Sam Crain Spring into Swing Redux (2008) 
One of many albums of all-original music by the talented guitarist and composer from Springfield Illinois. This also features several area musicians including Doug Stone, David Hoffman, Tom Becker, Mike Nellas, Gordon Jackson, Andy Crawford, Steve Adleman, Tom Marko, and myself. I'm playing vibes on one of my favorite Sam tunes - "AB Positive." Order this CD.
Beatniks Jazz America (2006)
This Central Illinois quartet plays an impressive array of music, and this CD highlights many original compositions. I occasionally have the great fortune of performing as an added member, and was thrilled to play some vibes and organ on their debut CD along with Andy Burtschi (bass), Dave Burdick (guitar), Perry Rask (sax), and Darin Holthaus (drums).
Jake Hertzog Expressions (2006)
A live recording by the smokin' guitarist/composer from Urbana! Jake's third album was recorded over two nights at the Iron Post in his own hometown. Favorite musicians Zach Mangan (drums) and Kevin Turner (bass) were joined by myself (vibes) for night one, and by Rocky Maffit (percussion) for night two. Complete with the energy and raw feel of a live show. Order this CD.
Sam Crain Bird's Eye View (2005)
A very nice album of original material by Sam on guitar featuring Andy Burtschi (bass), Darrin Holthaus (drums), Brian Justinson (drums), Perry Rask (alto sax), Cassie Hart (alto sax), and myself (keyboard). Sam has many other albums of interesting original material available also. Order this CD.
Dave Dreyer & Friends Central Standard Time (2005)
This album has a very nice "vibe" to it, so to speak. It accurately documents a Dave Dreyer experience, featuring standards and blues tunes. The lineup includes Dave Dreyer (vocals and other instruments), Josh Walden (bass, Don Heitler (piano), Rob Hecht (violin), Brian Wilke (guitar), Josh Quirk (drums), Dean Walden (keyboards, vocals, and producer), Matt Stewart (guitar), and myself (vibes).
Joe Metzka Trio Joe Metzka Trio (2005)
This album features Joe singing and playing in the Nat King Cole trio setting featuring Tim Brickner (bass), and myself (piano). For more info, visit Joe's website.
Sam Crain & Friends Jazz Guitar Vol. 3 (2005)
A compilation of alternate takes from Birds Eyes View, cuts from an old release called Local Heroes, and some home studio tunes. Featuring Sam on guitar; Andy Burtschi and Gene Haas (bass); Darin Holthaus, Brian Justinson, and Jaro Howse (drums); Perry Rask and Cassie Hart (alto sax); Jane Hartman and myself (piano). Order this CD.
Joe Metzka I Thought About You (2004)
This album features Joe's bluesy interpretations of some jazz standards featuring Tim Brickner (bass), Doug Daniels (sax), Jeff Magby (drums), and myself (piano). For more info, visit Joe's website.
Joe Metzka and Friends Live! (2004)
This album was of course recorded live, and features the more bluesy side of Joe and friends. It is fun to listen to as Joe lets various members of the band stretch out and jam. Featuring along with Joe (guitar and vocals) is Tim Brickner (bass), Joe Beck (drums), and myself (piano). For more info, visit Joe's website.

David Hoffman David Hoffman Sextet Live (2003)
Recorded live at a Central Illinois Jazz Society Concert, this album features trumpeter Dave Hoffman (formerly with the Ray Charles Orchestra) playing original compositions, a standard, and a couple of my own tunes. This is a very nice band featuring Doug Stone (tenor sax), Mike Nellas (guitar), Andy Crawford (bass), Tom Marko (drums), and myself (vibes). Order this CD
Amasong Amai (2001)
This live recording features Champaign/Urbana's 70+ piece premiere lesbian/feminist chorus. I played marimba on the title track along with Patience Maduka (vocals), Rocky Maffit (percussion), and Chad Dunn (percussion). Order this CD
Bob Washut Trio Songbook (1999)
This was a very special album to be a part of because Mark Urness (bass) and myself (drums) got to record with our mentor from UNI, Bob Washut (piano). The album features some great compositions by Bob and Mark, and thanks to Tom Tatman (audio engineer), the sound quality is fantastic. Songbook also received some national airplay on some syndicated jazz shows. Order this CD
Champaign Underground Stories to Tell (1999)
It took the dedication of Kristen Johns to organize a large collaboration of musicians and songwriters from Champaign-Urbana to create such a project. The jazzy first half of this CD features locals such as Donnie Heitler (piano), Brian Wilke (guitar), Jeff Magby (drums), Gary Peyton (drums), Jeff Helgesen (trumpet), Josh Walden (bass), Tim Green (piano), Armand Beaudoin (bass), myself (vibes & drums) and many more. 
Dave Hoffman Groovin' (1999)
Now here is a compatible group of musicians. Dave Hoffman (trumpet), Doug Stone (tenor sax), Mike Nellas (guitar), Tim Brickner (bass), and myself (drums). We're playing Dave's wonderful compositions, and really digging the awesome tenor work of a teen-aged Doug Stone. Also recorded and mixed very well by Steve Yates. Order this CD
Brain Wilke and Dave Dreyer Almost Indian Summer (1998)
Brian and Dave have worked together for a very long time, and it was a pleasure to work with them regularly when we all lived in Champaugn. This album features Dave (vocals, flute, harmonica), Brian (guitars, bass), Donnie Heitler (keyboards), and myself (vibes, drums). Standards, two tunes by Brian, and one of my own are featured.
Champaign Underground Best Kept Secrets (1998)
This was my first of my experiences with Kristen John's massive artistic undertakings. This CD is made up of music composed and performed by a large number of C-U rock, blues, and jazz musicians too numerous to mention, and is mostly in a rock and pop style. Kristen, and Mark Rubel (audio engineer) have organized several such projects, and hopefully they will continue to do so. 
The Heatersons The Heatersons (1998)
The talented multi-instrumentalists Scott Ligon and Josh Shane have collaborated for a wide variety of exceptional projects over the years, so I was thrilled to play vibes on one of their tracks. Along with Scott and Josh, the group is rounded out by Tim Brickner (bass), and Randy Rogers (drums). This entertaining CD features all-original material that blends country, rock-a-billy, and jazz. 
Trombone Jazz by Carl Anderson and Andrew Brady No Relation (1998?)
This album features Carl and Andrew on trombones, in a setting much like the sessions of J.J Johnson and Kai Winding. "Groovin' trombones, the forgotten jazz instruments, lead the charge in this unique album. The saxophones are mysteriously missing." Also featured are Joe Metzka (guitar), Earl Gately (bass), John Sluzalis (drums), and myself (piano). Visit Carl's website.
Illinois Jazz Orchestra (1995)
For a brief time I was a member of this band on drums and vibes, and got to experience the legendary musical leadership of John Garvey (director of classic University of Illinois jazz bands). This live concert CD features many UI alumni, classic big band arrangements, and compositions by former faculty and alumni. 
Jane Hartman Jane Hartman (1995)
I was thrilled to play drums with this highly musical piano trio for a few years. Jane Hartman (piano) and Gene Haas (bass) have played together for many years, and have continued to warm the hearts of music fans around the Springfield area and beyond. This was the first of a series of Jane's recordings for which more information can be found on her website.
University of Northern Iowa Jazz Band One Northern  Exposure (1992)
I've recorded cassettes, and even a 45 rpm record, but this was my first CD. It was a great experience playing drums and vibes in Bob Washut's big band as well as being his teaching assistant. His own eclectic tastes inspire his students to appreciate, respect, and learn many styles within the jazz idiom. In addition to some LPs, this is the first of many exceptional UNI jazz band CDs. Get more info.